Friday, March 14, 2014

Kamailio World 2014 – Interactive Sessions

Upcoming edition of Kamailio World scheduled more interactive sessions, to reveal better how Kamailio and open source RTC applications can be used out there.
During the afternoon of April 2, a group of technical tutorials target to teach how to use various platforms for typical use cases: sip:provider CE, Kamailio for IMS and prepaid systems, SEMS. At the end of April 3, we have the open debate moderated by Randy, the host of weekly VoIP Users Conference. Before noon on April 4, James Body challenges everyone around to do a dangerous demo, impress the audience and win some goodies — prepare yours in time! More details are presented in the schedule:
About two weeks and a half till the start of the event, there is no other meeting alternative in Europe for networking with professionals in large real time communications deployments and open source telephony, be sure you don’t miss it. Registration details are available at:
Credits to event sponsors that ensured a good location and excellent content by participation of world wide speakers – Asipto, FhG Fokus, Sipwise, IT Center, Sipgate, Simwood, Digium, NG Voice, Core Network Dynamics:
See you very soon in Berlin! Meanwhile work on your idea for a dangerous demo!

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