Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kamailio World 2014 – Exhibitors

During Kamailio World 2014, the companies IT CenterDigiumSipgateNG VoiceAsipto and FhG Fokus will provide all day long demos and presentations of their products and services. You can contact them in advance to schedule an appointment if you want to reserve proper time to discuss about their offerings:
It is less than one month till the start of the event, the agenda is pretty much finalized:
It has over 30 sessions presented by world wide speakers, from technical tutorials to business use cases, with topics such WebRTC, IMS, anti-fraud & VoIP security, scalability with OpenStack, real time charging, various Kamailio use cases, Asterisk, FreeSwitch and SEMS.
Once again we are grateful to event sponsors — AsiptoFhG FokusSipwiseIT CenterSipgate,SimwoodDigiumNG Voice — without their contributions is impossible to bring such an excellent group of speakers and support event logistics:
Hurry up if you don’t want to miss this event, it is no alternative in Europe for meeting professionals in large real time communications deployments and open source telephony. Registration details are available at:
See you in Berlin!

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