Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OpenSER Admin Course - Rome 2007

During the VoN Autumn 2007, in Rome, Italy, will be one full day of OpenSER Admin Training sessions, on the 26th of September. The target are the VoIP administrators that are managing OpenSER-based platforms. The price is 315Euro till August 31 and 360Euro afterwards. Within this price, the participants will get access to other technical and social events of VoN, also some meals on the course day.

The teachers are two of the co-founders of OpenSER project, Daniel-Constantin Mierla (myself) and Bogdan-Andrei Iancu.

The content of the course try to cover most of the delicate aspects of configuring and managing OpenSER, such as accounting, security, high availability, as well as integration with media server Asterisk.

More details you will find on the OpenSER project web site:

Details are available on VoN Europe web site:

Worth to mention that Rome is an amazing city, VoN is a reference event for VoIP and OpenSER a great application :-) .

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bunch of new features in devel version

The development version (to be released as 1.3.0) has introduced recently a bunch of new features. Among them is long waiting LDAP connector support (ldap module). The module allows to execute search queries against LDAP servers and fetch results in AVPs. It has support for LDAP server failover, can work with many LDAP servers simultaneously.

The auth module added support to do authentication taking the username and password from pseudo-variables (which include AVPs). Combining this with ldap module, one can easily implement authentication against LDAP servers via configuration file.

Several enhancements were included in the dialog module, making the internal structure persistent over OpenSER restart using database. Now completed dialog details (From/To headers, Contact, Record Routes, ...) are stored.

The mi_datagram module came to replace the old unixsock server (btw, this has been removed already). It is a new transport for the management interface (MI), completing the FIFO and XMLRPC. It can deal with both unix socket files and inet datagram sockets.

Truphone Granted an Injunction Against T-Mobile

Interesting news from yesterday that really worth mentioning, read more on

Truphone is a Mobile VoIP operator based in UK offering cheap rates on mobile calls. They use OpenSER as core SIP router in their VoIP platform.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

ClueCon 2007 Remarks

ClueCon'07 was a remarkable VoIP developer event, one of the best I attended so far. The commercial aspect was low profile, a lot of speeches focusing on the technical aspects. Very interesting were the group meetings of developers, discussing interoperability issues and collaboration mechanisms.

My speech was a general presentation of OpenSER, going to tech stuff as well. Because of many requests, I gave the second presentation Thursday morning, showing real configuration examples of OpenSER, from the simplest one, to more advanced, exemplifying with config. I went through load balancer, presence server, registrar or redirect servers, Perl application example.

Among interesting things there: nice demos from Truphone, FreeSWITCH updates, Ruby library for Asterisk AGI (simple way to create advanced dialing plan), voice transformation and liar detection :-) , Jingle discussion panel.

The slides from my first presentation are at: