Monday, March 31, 2008

Reports about OpenSER

Proud to mirror some details from the blog of Virtual Hosting, that nominated OpenSER in their top of Open Source VoIP applications -- and we got to the position #1, although it is clear is not a ordered list, but...

More details here....

Moreover, another blogger made an analysis of German VoIP market and shows that billions of minutes per month are routed with Open Source applications, and of course, OpenSER has its big share, sustaining one of the biggest VoIP service in the world.

More details here...

1.76 million of users on an OpenSER-based platform is not bad at all...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Asterisk-OpenSER SIP Masterclass, Orlando, FL, USA

Date: April 21-25
Place: Orlando, Florida, USA

Learn Asterisk, OPENSER and SIP from the main developers!

The training is sustained by the main Asterisk SIP developer, Olle E. Johansson and Daniel-Constatin Mierla, the OpenSER project co-founder and developer. They have many years of experience together, building VoIP networks and debugging all kinds of issues in the software, network and the SIP protocol. This is an unique opportunity to spend a week learning and working with these OpenSER, SIP and Asterisk folks.

This class focuses on building a carrier-class scalable network architecture with Asterisk and OpenSER. You need to know Asterisk at the level of the Asterisk Bootcamp or the Asterisk Masterclass by Edvina in order to e able to take this class. Learn more about course content here:

More details at

Registration by email at info (at)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Module Documentation Now In Docbook XML Format

Migration from SGML to XML Docbook format is now ended for all OpenSER modules.

The format is much more flexible and allows easier conversion to different format. Using XSL, the look can become more user friendly, we can generate summaries, indexes and references to parameters, functions, MI commands and pseudo-variables exported by modules. Another target is creation of an aggregated tutorial, combining these documents along with a getting started guide.

Modules' documentation repository in HTML format can be found at:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New documentation effort

Recently, the openser-docs mailing list was created to conduct the development on OpenSER documentation. If you want to join go to:

Immediate task is to create a master document where to refer the rest of documents, the entry point for new comers. The dokuwiki is already an impressive knowledge base, but lacks somehow a good index.

Another subject is to migrate the format to Docbook XML.The amount of available tools and the strict formating in XML provide easier ways to manage and convert to readable formants.

Off topic, worth to mention that RTPProxy got its own mailing list: