Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Looking back to 2010, it was an amazing year Kamailio project - two major releases v3.0.x and v3.1.x, lot of new features, all in top of a better and more scalable core we have now after the integration of Kamailio with SER.

Just to mention few here: asynchronous TCP and TLS, embedded Lua, XCAP server, HTTP server, pre-processor directives, full SCTP implementation with multi-homing, geoip API, asynchronous message queues, over 20 new modules -- for sake of completion, here are the links with the announcements:

As for 2011, we will continue to deliver new features, but maintain as well our line of scalable, secure and rock solid SIP server. New projects related to Kamailio already announced their launch, participation to VoIP and Open Source events already booked, new thinks are baked and getting ready to launch soon -- 2011 is going to be for sure fascinating as well as challenging.

Thanks for your support for the project! I wish you a great 2011 in personal life and business, enjoy tonight party!

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I could safety say that 2010 was the greatest year by achievements in the history of Kamailio and SER SIP proxy server projects so far. It will not be short to summarize it, so I will do a separate post for that.

Now I just wast to thank everyone making that possible and wish a Merry Christmas to all my friends, Asipto customers, developers and users of Kamailio and SER!

Great winter holidays to all Kamailians and SERians!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

SIP:Provider CE

Andreas Graning of Sipwise announced today the release of sip:provider community edition – home page link:

It is a open-source SIP based Class5 VoIP soft-switch leveraging the capabilities of Kamailio, SEMS and Asterisk, combined with custom components in order to provide consistent and easy-to-use provisioning, billing and configuration maintenance.

SEMS 1.3.1 Released

SIP Express Media Server (SEMS) released 1.3.1 with several bug fixes and improvements since 1.3.0, among them:
- fixed CMake build scripts
- fix for architectures w/o atomic built-in functions
- add lost accept_fr_without_totag sample cfg option
- fixed missing CRLF in transfer header

The tarball can be downloaded from:

SEMS is a lightweight media server that can be used along with Kamailio to provide back-to-back user agent functionality, voicemail, IVR, audio conferencing, a.s.o.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kamailio v3.1.1 Released

Kamailio v3.1.1 is out – a minor release including fixes in code and documentation since v3.1.0 – configuration file and database compatibility is preserved.

Kamailio (OpenSER) 3.1.1 is based on the latest version of GIT branch 3.1, therefore those running 3.1.0 are advised to upgrade — there is no change required to be done to configuration file or database.

Resources for Kamailio version 3.1.1

Source tarballs are available at:

Detailed changelog:

Download via GIT:

# git clone –depth 1 git:// kamailio
# cd kamailio
# git checkout -b 3.1 origin/3.1
# make FLAVOUR=kamailio cfg

Binaries and packages will be uploaded at:

Modules’ documentation:

What is new in 3.1.x release series is summarized in the announcement of v3.1.0: