Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Boston 2007 Follow Up

Another major VoIP event just ended. Time spent there was too short, or I was too busy in those few hours I could roam freely to get the real pulse of the show. The next day was full for me with the OpenSER Admin Training Session and BoF.

Those interested in the materials, follow next link and download the slides from the course of BoF session:

Beside OpenSER-dedicated day on the 1st of November, I attended the "Asterisk & OpenSER: A balanced network strategy", part of the Digium Asterisk World, and I was pleased to see large interest in using the two applications together. It is clear to more and more people that the two are completing each other, not competing. The efforts to make the integration easier show now the results.

As usual, several active members from the community showed up, being nice to associate names with faces and chat a bit.