Monday, March 11, 2013

Kamailio v4.0.0 Released

March 11, 2013: Kamailio v4.0.0 is out -  a special major release, shifting up the first digit in versioning number!
Besides bringing a lot of improvements and new features, the main reasons for this upgrade of version string are:
  • end of Kamailio – SER integration: for the 3.x release series, there was the same source code for Kamailio and SER, but with some duplicated modules and different database structures. Now the project is back to one set of modules, all the duplicated modules being integrated.
  • new transport layer: starting with this release, Kamailio supports WebSocket transport layer (both plain and secure), in addition to UDP, TCP, TLS and SCTP. WebSocket allow modern Web browsers to call between them using SIP for signaling.
  • Kamailio becomes the default application name (aka, default flavour) and what the public project is packaging. SER can be built manually, its flavour being kept for historical and maintenance reasons.
This release is a result of about 6 months of development and 2 months of testing. Continue to read full release notes at:
We look forward to meeting many from project community and potential users of Kamailio at our dedicated event – Kamailio World Conference – during April 16-17, this year in Berlin, Germany!

Enjoy SIP routing in a secure, flexible and easier way with Kamailio v4.0.0!
Thank you for flying Kamailio!

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