Friday, March 15, 2013

Kamailio at FOSDEM’13 – Slides

More than one month later since FOSDEM’13, everyone being busy making Kamailio v4.0.0 happen, the slides related to Kamailio project are available on project’s website.

In the Telphony Dev Room, Peter Dunkley gave the presentation on SIP and MSRP over WebSocket in Kamailio (click for pdf), with Daniel-Constantin Mierla briefing on what was new in Kamailio during the past year (click for pdf).

On the main track, Daniel-Constantin Mierla was part of the panel about Free, open, secure and convenient communications, discussing about open federations with SIP and Kamailio (click for pdf).

There was another big gathering of Kamailio community, more than 20 people related to the project being around. Everyone is now waiting for the next year edition!

Meanwhile, we look forward to meeting again at Kamailio World Conferece, in Berlin, by mid April 2013.

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