Thursday, December 6, 2012

Preparing the next major release of Kamailio!

Code freeze for the next major release of Kamailio is now set to January 7th. This release will mark the end of the merge period of Sip Express Router and OpenSER. As we move forward, there will be one set of modules, one set of database schemas and one combined product. We do need your help in this process!

Plenty of time to hack during the holidays! Help the project by starting to test the development version now! Get feedback on all the new stuff – websockets support, shared call appearances and much more! In Open Source, we need more than developers – testers, documentation writers, bug hunters and of course groupies!
  • Take the development version in GIT for a test drive today and give us feedback in the bug tracker or on the sr-dev mailing list!
  • Help us update documentation. Everywhere where it says “OpenSER” or “SER” or “sip-router” we will need to change to Kamailio
  • Point out missing features as we deprecate the modules in modules_s. There will be a lot of work to merge features and move functionality over to the core module set during the coming weeks, but there is of course a risk of not spotting something that is important for you.
Report issues in our bug tracker!

Let’s create a great new release of Kamailio together!

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