Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kamailio - SER integration fully completed

The development teams of Kamailio and SIP Express Router (SER) decided in November 2008 to join forces and start integration of the Kamailio – formerly OpenSER –  and SER projects. The goal was to get one combined source code base. About one year later, there was a single source code tree, but there were several duplicated modules that kept some confusion around the two projects. We’ve finally sorted out the modules and will soon release a unified release with one set of modules!

Time has shown where to go with the set of modules

As the time passed, we’ve discovered which modules that are in the focus, making the decision easy to sort out the modules that are not frequently used. The past weeks were dedicated to removing duplicated, a process that just ended — at this moment there are no duplicated modules, all of them have been integrated.

Modules are merged or renamed

In summary, the modules from SER that had no conflict were moved as is to the “modules” folder, in some cases renamed. The modules that overlapped with some conflicts were merged, adding missing features to the most developed ones, moving the others to obsolete folder. In a majority of the cases, the Kamailio version of the module was used as the base for merging code, mostly because they had larger set of features (the core in v3.0.0 was based on the SIP Express Router core).

Functionality is still around, but may have changed a bit

Please note that the extra features from the SER module set might not still exist in the same form, but alternatives that should offer same functionality exists in the new or merged modules. Users of the SER flavour of the SIP Router code base  should prepare migration by starting to test the development version in GIT now. We do need your feedback on the feature set and merged functionality.

Use the mailing lists to discuss the merger

Do ask questions on the mailing lists if something that you used to have in your configuration is no longer available, so we can assist in your migration and, hopefully, create a migration guide on the Kamailio wiki.

There might few bits and pieces to tune here and there. Developers will soon get into the code freezing period for testing the next major release, which a good time for such adjustments. It is important that everyone using the former SER modules (modules_s) to report the issues that are found.

Many thanks to all those involved in integration efforts as well as in new developments that kept the project flying!

A Happy New Year and Good Testing!

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