Monday, July 27, 2009

SIREMIS v0.9.3 Released

A new version of SIREMIS Web Management Interface for Kamailio (OpenSER) and is available as v0.9.3. Among new features:
  • communication with and SIP Express Router (SER) via XMLRPC (RPC command interface)
    • pear package XML_RPC must be installed
  • communication with FreeSwitch via event socket
    • no extra library required, implemented as library using TCP sockets
  • support to print rich html formatting of MI, XMLRPC and FreeSwitch command response (config option)
    • makes use of rich text editor features, output can be formated using the HTML languages (previous version displayed the output as text plain in a textarea)
  • stand-alone PHP classes for MI, XMLRPC and FS Event Socket, making further development easier
    • the code for communication with SIP applications is now separate of the view php code
    • php classes can be easy pulled and used in other PHP applications
  • output of commands can be filtered for nicer display (e.g, see FS help, xmlrpc MI commands)
    • current architecture makes easier to highlight parts of the command output, now just couple of commands benefit of pretty formating, the others print raw format (e.g., xmlrpc response)
  • MI, XMLRPC and FS Event Socket groupped under Cmds Panel tab
    • dedicated tab for external commands
  • updated phpopenbiz core
  • fix for re groups db table
  • link referencing on username between group view, db aliases view and subscriber view
    • click on an username value jumps to subscriber view matching that user
  • more options to sort the views using column names
    • more column names become clickable to sort the records
  • auto-suggestion for group name when adding a new record
    • auto-completion as you type the group name

Siremis Project homepage:

Download and installation steps:

View screenshots:

Demo site (it works on a database with random data, username: admin, password: admin):

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