Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog by MiConDa

I started this new blog by importing the stories of one of my active blogs:

The plan is to unify my blogs here, therefore shortly I will import entries from:

OpenSER blog is no longer appropriate as the project changed the name in Kamailio, last year, July 28. More over, development of the SIP server project is hosted by sip-router.org , making possible to run Kamailio (OpenSER) and SIP Express Router (SER) extensions on the same SIP server instance. Kamailio 3.0 (planned for late September this year) will be a boost in performances and features.

The other blog hosted by wordpress.com was kind of mirror for most important news about the SIP server projects and stories about project environment, linux and life. Not much active and pretty unsync'ed. So I decided to unite them.

Why "by-miconda"? Well, miconda is taken (not active though) on blogger.com, but is the nickname I used so far. Blogger offers the export blog functionality, thus I could import entries from OpenSER blog in a minute. Importing them in wordpress.com would have taken ages. On the other hand, the stories to be imported from wordpress.com are few and can be done with copy&paste.

blogger.com offers option to rename the blog, but openser.blogspot.com worth to stay around a while.

These being said, expect here:

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