Monday, July 10, 2017

IvozProvider: Kamailio And Asterisk Based VoIP System

IvozProvider is a provider oriented multilevel IP telephony solution for use on public internet or private networks. It allows multiple access levels within the same infrastructure, from operator administrator to granular brand and company administrators as well as end user.
Here is an excerpt from its presentation:
“IvozProvider was designed always keeping in mind the horizontal scaling of each of its elements, so it can handle hundred of thousands concurrent calls and what is more important, adapt the platform resources to the expected service quality.”
It relies on an handful of open source applications, including Kamailio, RTPEngine, Asterisk, MySQL or JsSIP.
The project is available on Github at:
It has quite an extensive documentation online, offering several options for an easy install:
It is developed by Irontec, the company being another popular SIP-related project, respectively sngrep.

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