Monday, August 24, 2015

Kamailio and Docker

Containers have become rather popular lately and Docker is the technology leader. Containers make it easy to prototype and test, but many see them as a way to scale on demand, therefore pushing towards production deployments.
Searching the web about Kamailio and Docker reveals plenty of resources, from bare dockerfiles to detailed blog articles to combine Docker, Kamailio and other VoIP applications such as Asterisk.
Here are links to such resources:
Some Docker resources exist for Siremis, the web management interface for Kamailio:
Note that we haven’t explicitly tested those resources, it is up to you to select one, adjust and test as you need. This post has the role to provide a starting point for using Kamailio with Docker.
If you are aware of other resources relevant for Kamailio and Docker, write to mailing list  to get them listed here.

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