Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ClueCon Follow Up

Another edition of Cluecon conference ended recently in Chicago, a good crowd of VoIP developers spent time together to share what is new around the world for real time communications.
I had a presentation about Kamailio and API driven SIP routing (slideshare– pdf).
Erik Davidson and Gary Kramlich from Corvisa presented a scalable VoIP platform architecture (pdf) relying on Kamailio and FreeSwitch, announcing also the intent of publishing two new modules for Kamailio.
Guys at Kazoo (contributors of kazoo module in Kamailio) gave an update about their open source cloud PBX system.
Hopefully, the video recording of the sessions will be available soon, there were plenty of other sessions referring to Kamailio, which shared interesting concepts for use with real time communication services.

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