Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kamailio SCTP transport now as a module

The Kamailio implementation of the SCTP transport layerhas been moved from core to a dedicated module. Befor this change, enabling SCTP required a recompile of the core if you didn’t do it from the beginning, making it a bit complex at least when installing from packages.
Following the same architecture as with TLS, the SCTP code has been moved to its own module, making it possible to enable SCTP support by just compiling and installing the SCTP module. If Kamailio was installed from packages, an extra package has to be installed as well (kamailio-sctp-modules).
The parameters related to control of SCTP sockets have been moved to the module as well. You can read the module documentation at:
On Linux, to get sctp modules compile, you have to install libsctp-dev package.
The SCTP module will be part of the next major release of Kamailio, later this year.

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