Thursday, May 2, 2013

DNSSEC Support in Kamailio

Thanks to Marius Zbihlei, DNSSEC support in Kamailio can be activated by loading the module with the same name, there is no need to recompile the sources anymore.
An online tutorial has been made available on the wiki for those that want to get started with DNSSEC — it can be found at:
The wiki can be edited by anyone creating an account on it, we hope people with add content as they discover themselves useful tips for this use case.
Apparently Kamailio is the first SIP server with this extension, fortunately Jitsi, the SIP softphone, supports it already as well, the two offering the tools necessary for experimenting with DNSSEC in a complete VoIP service.
Special thanks to Dan York, from Internet Society and VOIPSA, for including Kamailio with its DNSSEC extension in the presentation given at SIPNOC’13 conference last week – slides are available at:
This Friday, Dan will speak about DNSSEC at the weekly VoIP Users Conference, join the conversation to learn how DNSSEC can help improving security in VoIP.
Don’t hesitate to send any feedback about dnssec implementation to our mailing lists, it will help us to improve it and get it ready for production with the next major release, v4.1.0, expected later this year.

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