Thursday, October 7, 2010

Best of New in Kamailio 3.1.0 - #8: Configuration File

Kamailio v3.1.0 is shipped with a refurbished configuration file. It has a new structure to reflect better SIP server functionalities such as:
  • SIP location server
  • SIP registrar server
  • SIP presence server
  • NAT traversal management
  • PSTN routing
  • SIP message format sanity checks
  • routing within-dialog SIP requests
Several values were replaced by defines making easier to maintain and understand the logic of configuration file:
  • value of db_url parameters is set by DBURL define - if you change the access to database server you have to update a single value
  • multi-domain parameter value
  • used flags (for accounting, missed calls or NAT traversal) are also defined values, using more meaningful ID name
Couple of new features are included in the configuration file and can be easily enabled or disabled by defining or un-defining specific IDs:
  • TLS support - controlled by #!define WITH_TLS
  • multi-domain support - controlled by #!define WITH_MULTIDOMAIN
  • flood detection and protection - controlled by #!define WITH_ANTIFLOOD
  • database aliases lookup - controlled by #!define WITH_ALIASDB
  • source IP authentication - controlled by #!define WITH_IPAUTH
  • XMLRPC control interface -controlled by #!define WITH_XMLRPC
Have a look at configuration file (located in /etc/kamailio/kamailio.cfg or /usr/local/etc/kamailio/kamailio.cfg) and you will be surprised to discover how easy is now to manage it and turn on/off features. Also, you can browse it online on our GIT repository.

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