Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Asterisk, Kamailio, Openfire and Social Media Integration

Courtesy of Kelvin Chua, CTO of NEXTIX, I received the slides presented at Astricon 2010 to the session “Asterisk, Kamailio, Openfire and Social Media Integration”.

You can download the slides from:

The presentations goes through usage of open source components to build a social media integration system. Here is the abstract:

“The excitement does not end with combining the flexibility of asterisk, the capacity handling of kamailio and the chattiness of openfire, we’ve been seeing this for the past astricons. The real deal is how to use the three powerhouse in a more socially relevant context. This session will introduce you to another way of creating your own facebook or myspace. It aims to discuss what we as asterisk users/developers wanted to see in a social platform and yet nobody did it on facebook. It will discuss a myriad of apps involved with social platforms like iphone/android apps as well as a list of hardware we don’t see integrated with current social websites. it will also touch on rare topics like working on video mixers (MCU) on asterisk using h.264 and how to use this on the platform.”

NextIX is an innovation company that specializes in universally available information and communication technology solutions for the consumer, SME, enterprise and government.

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