Friday, January 22, 2010

Tru++ 2010

This week came with great news from Truphone, would have been nice to catch up with TruThings at ITCom in Miami, but decided for Berlin to give a presentation at 3G + & LTE Event, however:
  • yeah, Truphone Local Anywhere is out - eager to get my hands on one SIM asap (any events soon in UK?!?!), my mobile roaming bill considering the traveling agenda would really increase my company profit in 2010. So, free calls when Wi-Fi, good price when on GSM and amazing low prices when roaming..
  • and of course, Tru'Droid for Nexus One, couldn't last very long without anyhow, but just above 2 weeks since device was released is remarkable - congratulations to the team, being the first to offer calls over Wi-Fi with the Google phone

The smarter choice is becoming the obvious choice.

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