Friday, September 4, 2009

Support for ‘include’ in config file

The configuration file language of Kamailio (OpenSER) and SIP Router supports now a new directive that allow including the content of another file during parsing of routing logic.

This allows splitting big configs for easier maintenance, even modularity — building a library of config snippets that are included and combined to build a full configuration file.

The syntax is:

include_file “file_name”

There is no restriction of what the included file should contain, it must be a valid content for the place where the include directive is used.

Here is an example:

route {
include_file "/sr/checks.cfg"

--- /sr/checks.cfg ---

if (!mf_process_maxfwd_header("10")) {
sl_send_reply("483","Too Many Hops");


The feature is documented at:

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