Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kamailio - amazing autumn

It is very encouraging that the businesses around the project are growing and development speeds up. In the last days there were two requests for Kamailio specialists, so, if you are one of them and willing to work in Germany or Austria, within dynamic teams in challenging markets, check these posts were I summarize the announcements from Kamailio mailing lists.

- jobs at 1&1 Germany

- jobs at Sipwise Austria

Autumn moves forward with couple of events related to the project where you can meet people engaged in the project and learn how you can use Kamailio for various IP communication services:

- VoIP2Day, Madrid, Spain, Sep 24-25, 2009

- SIP and IMS for Next Generation Telecoms Forum 2009

- SIP Router Devel Meeting, Berlin, Germany, Oct 2, 2009

- Astricon 2009, Arizona, USA, Oct 13-15, 2009

- Training - Kamailio SIP Masterclass, Berlin, Germany, Nov 9-13, 2009

All these together with planned release of Kamailio 3.0 in October and further developement of SIP Router core framework announce an amazing autumn ahead.

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