Friday, September 19, 2008

Kamailio (OpenSER) Presence Server: Dialog Info Support

Developed by Klaus Darilion and sponsored by Silver Server (, Kamailio (OpenSER) introduced support for Dialog Info presence states - RFC4235 - INVITE-Initiated Dialog Event Package.

There are two new modules introduced:

* pua_dialoginfo: gets dialog states from dialog module and sends PUBLISH with the dialog state in RFC 4235 conform XML documents
* presence_dialoginfo: extends presence module to handle PUBLISH with dialog-info. Allows aggregation of multiple XML documents into one document.

With these modules you can have BLF without the need for an PBX (Asterisk). It is know to work with SNOM and Linksys phones. Linksys requires some tweaking with module parameters.

For more see the readme files:

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