Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A1 InnovationDays Remarks

Returning from about two weeks of journey, I am catching up with work now. However, it worth to mention here some events I attended during past weeks.

The A1 InnovationDays Sprint was really challenging.

While participating to other coding sessions in the past, this one had the premises to make it great:

- nice location, one hour drive from Vienna, Austria, at Monastery Und in Krems. An old site turned into a convention place

- competition - five teams ran head to head to win. Finally the project "Spontaneous live comment as A1 sports reporter" got the prize, but I could say all the projects have big potential and the results after two days of coding were impressive: "Thunderbird plug-in for Unified Communications", "SIP Website Widget", "Automated Audio/Video Greeting Service" and "SIP extension for Disko framework". I will try to detail each one in separate posts

- vast knowledge base - it would be hard to get again in same room technical people from various domains working together: Web 2.0, graphic design, SIP, voice and video processing, embedded systems, GUI, GSM/Mobile technology, IMS

The only barrier seemed to be the weather, very nice, warm and sunny, trying to attract out attention away from coding.

However, the most important aspect of the event was the implication of the A1 - Mobilkom Austria in such event. It is the first mobile operator I have seen encouraging Open Source initiatives. Worth congratulations and let's hope they will be followed by other similar companies.

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