Tuesday, October 2, 2007

OpenSER Admin Course and VoN Rome 2007

I hope it is general opinion that the OpenSER admin course at VoN Rome was successful. The room was full, about 35 attendees. Time was pretty short to get deeper in OpenSER configuration tricks, but should give the base of knowledge to build proper and well-designed VoIP platforms using OpenSER.

It started with introduction of configuration file architecture, going through common components of it, touching the very important aspects of a VoIP environment: NAT traversal, accounting, authentication and authorization, load balancing and high availability. The last topic of the tutorial was integration with Asterisk media server, towards a lot of good steps were done in the past for a straightforward solution.

The day ended with an open discussion, revealing hot questions about DNS balancing and black-listing, NAT traversal, present and future of the project.

VoN Rome itself was pretty well represented by the local market, with nice SIP-enabled video solutions for security and surveillance at Video on the Net section. Otherwise, usual debates SIP-P2PSIP-IMS, etc. Personally I have met for the first time a lot of people using OpenSER, also meeting old friends (e.g., Andreas of sipwise.com, Georgios, Federico, Adrian, ...) from the past events. Photo available at: flickr.com.

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