Friday, October 5, 2007

Berkely DB Support

Courtesy of William Quan, of CISCO Systems, a new DB module has been submitted to the trunk that incorporates the Berkeley DB into Kamailio (OpenSER). This module depends on Berkeley DB, which is a high-performance embedded DB kernel.

The Berkeley DB offers a couple of architectures:
1. Concurrent Data Store (CDS)
2. Transaction Data Store

This module uses the CDS model. One of the main differences between these architectures is DB recovery and robustness (Please refer to the Berkeley DB for full details). In a nutshell, the onus of recovery is on the application (e.g. openser). This modules contains a recovery program utils/db_berkeley/bdb_recover that can be used to recover DB files.

Like other DB modules, the DB must be created before Kamailio (OpenSER) can be started. The standard openserdbctl script can be used to create the DB once the Berkeley DB is installed.

See the readme file for db_berkely module and the news at kamailio (openser) site.

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