Saturday, February 9, 2019

Kamailio – Open Source Excellence Award At SimCon 2019

We are delighted to announce that Kamailio project was awarded the “Open Source Excellence” prize at SimCon 2019, ceremony hosted by Rachel Riley (twitter – wikipedia) and Simon Woodhead (twitter).
Kamailio were awarded ‘Open Source Excellence’, a key reason being the superb management of the project. Kamailio is used within huge networks and really is the secret weapon of many modern telcos. It is open source and, in the judges’ opinion, one of the best run projects around.
This recognizes the enormous effort made over more than 15 years by the development team and the community to keep Kamailio at the top of open source SIP/VoIP server applications, with a well defined development process and project organizing procedures.
With key targets such as flexibility, robustness, security and scalability, Kamailio continued to bring constantly a consistent set of new features with each major release (19 of them, from SER 0.8.x to Kamailio 5.2.x) and consolidated the trust in being a reliable application that can be used from start-ups to large established telcos and mobile operators.
It is actually a double celebration, because Fred Posner (twitter), one of our most prominent community members and advocate, was also awarded — citing: a genuine ‘Pre-Posthumous Legend’, a selfless, long standing contributor and supporter of the open-source community who has never sought the limelight.
Thank you SimCon for the award and Simwood for supporting the project for so many years!
We look forward to Kamailio World Conference 2019 and hoping to meet many of you there!
Thanks for flying Kamailio!

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