Monday, February 19, 2018

Kamailio World 2018: Preview With A Selection Of Sessions

Less than 3 months till the start of the 6th edition of Kamailio World Conference, time if flying fast!
About one week ago we published the details for a group of accepted speakers, today we made a selection of sessions at the Kamailio World 2018. We had more proposals than we could accommodate, we are trying hard to fit in as many as possible, taking also in consideration the feedback from the participants at the past editions.
For now you can head to the Schedule page and see the details of 15 sessions, from both workshops and conference days:
A very divers range of topics, from using Kamailio for emergency services (112/911), scaling with Redis backend, deploying in a containerized environment with Docker and Kubernetes, how to migrate the SIP routing logic to rich KEMI languages such as Lua, Python or Javascript, unit testing for Kamailio and test driven deployments, to blockchains in telephony, using Kamailio and FreeSwitch together, or latest updates from Asterisk PBX.
The IMS/VoLTE workshop is going to show what you can do with latest Kamailio in mobile networks. And, of course, we have the very popular two sessions that never missed a Kamailio World edition: Dangerous Demos with James Body and VUC Visions with Randy Resnick.
The details for other speakers and sessions will be published in the near future, stay tuned!
Do not miss Kamailio World Conference 2018, it is going to be another great edition! You can register now!
Looking forward to meeting many of you at the next Kamailio World Conference, during May 14-16, 2018, in Berlin, Germany!

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