Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kamailio - New Module: ims_ocs

With a rather busy end of 2016, several additions to Kamailio missed the chance to get into the news as they were imported in the repository. Now it’s time to catch up with some of them, given that development is frozen and the focus is on testing master branch in order to prepare the v5.0.0 release.
One of the new modules that will make it into v5.0.0 is named ims_ocs. As the prefix suggests is related to Internet Multimedia Subsystem (aka IMS), the core platform for 4G/VoLTE mobile networks. More specifically, it is an implementation of a simple Online Charging Server, communicating with ims_charging module via Diameter-Ro interface.
The module was developed by the folks at NG Voice, led by Carsten Bock. More details about the module can be found in its readme docs:
Stay tuned for more news about what’s new in upcoming Kamailio v5.0.0!
Thanks for flying Kamailio!

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