Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ClueCon 2016

The ClueCon 2016 is preparing to start next week in Chicago, IL, USA. Organized mainly by the FreeSwitch developers, the event brings together VoIP enthusiasts from around the world.
Many Kamailio friends and community members will be at the event, be sure it worth attending it.
Our Fred Posner, from Palner Group/LOD Communications, will present about pairing Kamailio and FreeSwitch to build scalable and secure VoIP systems.
The friends at Asterisk PBX project are represented by Matthew Fredrickson of Digium, touching in his presentation the use of Asterisk and Kamailio to enhance SIP presence services.
Karl Anderson of 2600hz, which were contributing lately a lot of code to Kamailio’s presence and database extensions, will talk about their open source Kazoo Cloud PBX platform.
We spotted some of the big supporters of Kamailio World Conference, respectively Simon Woodhead from Simwood eSMS, Matthew Hodgson from Matrix.org, Mira Georgieva from Zoiper, as well as long time Kamailio friends or developers such as Alexandr Dubovikov from Homer Sipcapture, Emil Ivov from Jitsi/Atlassian, Cezary Siwek, Giovanni Maruzelli, Michael Ricordeau and Tristian Foureur from Plivo.
Wishing everyone great season holidays!
Thank you for flying Kamailio!

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