Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Kamailio Module: cfgt

Victor Seva from Sipwise has published a new module forKamailio, named cfgt. The module is to be part of the next major release of Kamailio – v4.4.0, expected to be out on early spring of 2016.
The module is useful for unit testing, to compare the results of the Kamailio configuration file routing logic. The report of execution is in JSON format, making it easy to analyse. Among the contents of the report can be the values for variables used in the configuration file.
You have to make your test scenario (e.g., using sipp), send the traffic to Kamailio and then check if the report contains expected results.
The documentation of the module is available at:

    The functionality of the module is rather small by now, but Victor is committed to add more in the near future, including examples of how to use it. Stay tuned and keep an eye on kamailio.org for updates!

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