Monday, September 29, 2014

SIPit 31 – Nice, France

The 31st edition of SIPit – SIP Interoperability Testing event – starts in Nice, France, organized by SIP Forumand hosted by ETSI. Kamailio is participating in the tests as well as running as part of the SIPit infrastructure network in the automated self-tests.
Spanning across all the week, Sep 29 – Oct 03, 2014, the event is the place where SIP implementers of various products, from phones, libraries to gateways, servers or testing tools, meet for testing products with each other or in multi-parties test scenarios.
Along the years, our project was a frequent participant, no matter the name was at that time SER, OpenSER or Kamailio. This edition, Daniel-Constantin Mierla from Asipto and Olle E. Johansson from Edvina are there, making sure that the upcoming major version 4.2.0 is rock solid, ready to roll out in production once released. They might be less active on mailing lists, but for the benefits of all, heavily testing and stressing Kamailio.
Watch the twitter feeds for @miconda@oej and @kamailioproject for fresh notes from the fields!

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