Monday, August 18, 2014

Kamailio UAC – Remote Registration Enhancements

The UAC module is a user agent that you can use to transmit any SIP message. It also includes functions to let Kamailio register SIP accounts in other SIP servers and route the call back to Kamailio. During the summer several enhancements was added to the UAC module in the trunk code and we need help testing it!
Several commits where pushed lately on GIT master branch to enhance the handling of remote registrations with the UAC module. Among them:
  • uac.reg_info – rpc command to get the details of a remote registration record using filter on uuid, local/remote/auth username
  • uac.reg_enable and uac.reg_disable – rpc commands to enable/disable registration of a record from memory at runtime, without restarting kamailio
  • uac.reg_reload – rpc command to reload remote registration records from database (avoid restarting when adding new records in database)
  • uac.reg_refresh – rpc command to load a record from database based on l_uuid. If record is already in memory, then the password field is updated, otherwise a new full record is added in memory
We are asking people using this feature to give it a try! Please test the UAC module from the master branch and report the issues to mailing list <sr-dev [at]>.
You can read more details about the new features in the readme of the uac module:

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