Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FOSDEM 2013 – Free, open, secure and convenient communications


Another edition of FOSDEM is getting close, many Kamailio folks will be at the event, something that got a tradition in the past year. As I type here, people are discussing on mailing list about another get together dinner.

We hope to have a presentation in the Telephony devroom, Peter Dunkley is planning to present how to use the websockets support in Kamailio, which allows calls from web browsers to go directly through Kamailio, without any additional server software.

This year Kamailio will be represented in the main tracks as well. Daniel-Constantin Mierla, co-founder of Kamailio, will be part of a panel about Free, open, secure and convenient communications. The session is scheduled for Sunday, 14:00-14:50, Feb 3, 2013, in amphitheater Jason.

The other participants in the panel are: Daniel Pocock, author of Lumical, Peter Saint-Andre, author of XMPP specification at IETF, Emil Ivov, author of Jitsi, Evan Prodromou, founder of StatusNet and Simon Tennant, the team leader of BuddyCloud.

Be sure you join the session and the debates about the challenges in the open communications. Why VoIP interconnect is not as easy as email? Are there viable alternatives to Skype, Twitter, Facebook or other popular walled-garden services? What can be done to make more popular the services based on open source and open standards?

You can read an interview with Daniel Pocock about this session at FOSDEM web site.

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