Monday, August 6, 2012

Kamailio 3.3.x and Asterisk 10.7.0 Realtime Integration Tutorial

I released an update to my series of Kamailio and Asterisk Realtime Integration, using the latest stable versions of the two projects, respectively 3.3.1 and 10.7.0. You can find it at:


The tutorial focuses on how to use Asterisk's database structure to perform authentication in Kamailio SIP server, along with user location, nat traversal, instant messaging, presence, a.s.o., offloading processing from Asterisk. Asterisk will still handle all the calls, enabling rich telephony such as MoH, transcoding, ring back, IVR, etc.

Reusing as much as possible the Asterisk database makes the architecture presented in the tutorial easy to be applied to existing installations, without losing management interfaces or other admin tools.

Hope it is useful for many folks out there.

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