Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Planning for Kamailio v3.3.0 Release

The volume of reported issues on mailing lists and tracker has been close to zero lately, suggesting that upcoming Kamailio v3.3.0 is going well. Therefore it’s time to set the timelines for the new major release – by now there is more than one month since the development was frozen and testing phase started.

In my side, I (Daniel-Constantin Mierla) have 3.3.0 running in a production-like environment for about 4 weeks without problems and another one in a pre-production phase.

Having in consideration all these, the proposed date to branch 3.3 is set to June 11, 2012. If everything looks very good at that time (or actually few days before), we may do the release also by that date or next day. If not, it can be done a week later.

Branching will allow new features development on git master, there are already several contributed patches with new features flowing around on mailing lists and tracker.

Therefore, if you are aware of any issue, please report asap on mailing list (sr-dev [at] lists.sip-router.org) or tracker (preferable – http://sip-router.org/tracker/).

Other suggestions about planning the release 3.3.0 are welcome, as well.

If you want to check the draft of new features in v3.3.0, see:
Testing and feedback is very appreciated!

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