Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Run your own SIP VoIP service on both IPv4 and IPv6

Today is World IPv6 Day - since Kamailio SIP server has support for IPv6 since 2002, I thought to contribute to today's celebration showing how to use it to provide a SIP-based VoIP service on both IPv4 and IPv6 networks, also bridging between them, with the same SIP server instance. Following VoIP communication scenarios are possible:
  • call from IPv4 to IPv4
  • call from IPv6 to IPv6
  • call from IPv4 to IPv6
  • call from IPv6 to IPv4
I used Jitsi SIP softphone to make the calls, Kamailio development version for SIP server and RTPProxy to help bridging the media streams between IPv4 and IPv6.

The How-To do it tutorial is available on the wiki at:
Happy IPv6 Day Everyone!!!

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