Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Joint venture on Kamailio to tackle big vendors in telco market

Asipto and Sipwise, two companies involved in the development and management of Kamailio project, announced today the joint venture to create complete and competitive IP Telephony product using Kamailio as core component for SIP routing.

The venture focuses on recently announced SIP:Provider platform targeting IP telephony operators, delivered as out of the box system with features such us authentication, authorization, NAT traversal, call forwarding, call baring, voice mail, web interfaces for monitoring, administration and user portal, post paid billing, interconnection for PSTN with least cost routing, a.s.o.

SIP:Provider CE version is provided free of charge, under open source license, you can install it easily via Debian packages or images for VirtualBox and VMWare. The target is to fill the gab between raw components such as Kamailio and full operational IP telephony system, that one can download, install and then it is ready to go to operate telephony services, without messing to put together various applications and having to understand SIP.

SIP:Provider Pro Edition adds telecom specific SLA along with extra features such as prepaid billing, high availability and redundancy.

You can read the announcement here.

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