Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SIP Router Development Meeting 2009 - Overview

The event was organized by FhG Fokus Institute, the place where was written first line of code for SIP Express Router (SER) and implicit of Kamailio (OpenSER).

Going through hot topics and discussions, we tried to solve current issues and to set the direction of development for next year.
Meeting Agenda

* Release of sip-router
* Short name selection
* Conflict resolution
* SEMS Advertisement
* Project Infrastructure

* Ancuta Onofrei
* Dragos Vingarzan
* Jan Janak
* Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul
* Bogdan Pintea
* Stefan Sayer
* Jesus Rodriguez
* Henning Westerholt
* Daniel-Constantin Mierla
* Grzegorz Stanislawski
* Ramona-Elena Modroiu
* Marcus Gotzl
* Markus Hunger
* Jiri Kuthan
* Christian Kaiser
* Bogdan Harjoc

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