Wednesday, July 9, 2008

eLearning channel for Kamailio (OpenSER) config file

ASIPTO, the company I am working for, launched two months and a half ago the eLearning channel for Kamailio (OpenSER) configuration file. Since then a broad number of topics were approached:

  • introduction of configuration file structure
  • overview of SIP message execution flow
  • complete walk-through default configuration file
  • debug options
  • main routing blocks elements
  • all about assignment operations, tips and tricks
  • configuration file flags: per transaction, branch and script
  • r-uri management – best options and available alternatives to handle the request URI
  • config file statements: if, switch and while

Each document includes many examples to make easier the understanding of concepts and real word usage. With a rate of introducing couple documents and topics per week, the knowledge base of the channel is growing rapidly.

The eLearning channel offers full range of collaborative tools: forum, wiki, chat rooms, document uploading, allowing open discussions and easy interaction within the groups.

You can register now for Kamailio (OpenSER) configuration file eLearning channel here.

See more details about eLearning programs here.

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