Sunday, May 25, 2008

OPENSER Dinner, Vienna - remarks

Very good restaurant - delicious food and local made beer - credits for selection goes to Andreas Granig. Located in the old part, in the city center, the place was somehow protected by the tourists crowd, offering a quite atmosphere.

As we got two visitors from Bratislava, Slovakia, the discussions went global wise. A hot topic (I guess not only there) was the cancellation of VoN show in Amsterdam. What will be the meeting place from now on for the VoIP guys as the VoN disappeared? Who knows, lot and lot of discussions and opinions here and there on the web forums and mailing lists...

Personally I got an update regarding WiMAX, deploying phase started in some countries. Although I know there are still many issues, the pressure of production environments will give more confidence and attract investors and creation of new or better products and solutions for this technology.

And of course, answering many times, again and again, it is VoIP in that dark castle in Transilvania, only SIP, SIP, SIP (I think is actually lower case :-) )...

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