Saturday, May 26, 2007

eLiberatica - Romanian Open Source Conference

I managed finally to attend eLiberatica, due to some traveling there were some doubts around, and I am glad I did it. So far, Romania was a country where the Open Source still was considered geeks world, not suitable for business. That's mainly because of poor implications of authorities and the usual aggressive attitude of the big players in IT on local market.

Personally I hope, with this event, more eyes turned to Open Source, opening the way of deeper analysis that will conduct to a better understanding of the concept and the maturity of such applications. I have attended many events where the audience was asked " Who is using Open Source?" gathering like 10-15% or hands up, while the question " Who is using Firefox/Mozilla?" got at least 40%.

Open Source VoIP is pretty well represented by Romanians, OpenSER and Yate being worldwide relevant applications in this field. My presentation was focused on the Romanian contribution to OpenSER so far, exposing as well a solution to implement a ITSP using only Open Source applications. This does not mean won't cost you anything, but is lot of money saving and flexibility there.

In the hope that recently constituted ROSDEV (Romanian Open Source Development) group and events like eLiberatica will increase the level of Romanian contributions to Open Source, I will like to give the appropriate credits to Lucian Saviuc who managed to organize a very successful first editions of eLiberatica, gathering well known representatives of important projects in Open Source: MySQL, eZ, PHP, Mozilla, Gnome, Apache.

The event was located in the beautiful city of Brasov, in the middle of Carpathian mountains, about 30km away of Dracula Castle, who, I'm sure :-), enjoyed the event and attendants.

Presentation is available here.

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  1. Thank you Daniel for the feedback and all your contribution. It was a pleasure to have you there; eLiberatica and ROSI is a start, a good one.
    I'm sure Romania is going to be in line with the rest of the world when talking about Open Source and Free Software pretty soon. I sow the people's enthusiasm at Brasov. It was great!