Sunday, March 4, 2007

On the way to OpenSER 1.2.0

While testing the upcoming OpenSER 1.2.0, many news surrounded the project.

CISCO is using OpenSER as SIP proxy of Cisco Service Node for Linksys One:

OpenSER Configuration Generator, a wizard-like web tool to build config files for OpenSER, was launched:

The SIMPLE-XMPP gateway in OpenSER was presented at FOSDEM 2007, Brussels, Belgium:

The release 1.2.0 is schedule for March 12, 2007. It brings a handful of new feature -- listing some of them:
- SIMPLE Presence support (
- SNMP (
- JAVA SIP Servlet Application Server (
- script variables and transformations (
- DNS failover
- IP blacklists
- XMPP IM gateway
- SIP session timers
- secure federation peering
- retransmission timer accuracy
- automatic error handling
- AVPs in reply routes

Stay tunned.

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