Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kamailio (OpenSER) Summit 2006 - WeSIP & SIP Application Servers

Most innovative solution so far developed by third party to work together with Kamailio (OpenSER) was presented for the first time to the public by Voztelecom: WeSIP. CIO Ginez Gomes gave a comprehensive overview of SIP application technologies and why SIP servlet and J2EE allow providers to develop easily new services to attract and secure customers.

It is rather new technology with no many investigating in this direction until now, but since VoIP did lot of first line replacement, something else should ensure further the success of VoIP services. As it happened with HTTP, at the beginning was pure HTML display, mainly oriented to static information sharing. Today even simple sites have dynamic content, with web applications behind, running Java/JSP/Servlet, CGI/Perl/PHP/ASP, Flash, Ajax and others. This came after several years of www, so same comes now to SIP/VoIP.

I am basically pure C programmer, but I salute such initiative and we will try to help as much as possible to get it integrated properly in OpenSER. Making the connector part of OpenSER as module is the first step in creating a proper environment for such extensions.

Main outcome of such solutions is the merge of SIP routing flexibility in OpenSER with enormous programming facilities of Java. Enterprise API as EJB, JDBC, JNDI, SOAP can be used to build quickly on brilliant ideas.

It was required deep knowledge of protocols and low level network communication skills to work on this area, by opening the horizon to application level programmers, the VoIP will burst its business space. Time will prove which technology for VoIP applications is the best, but is no doubt that applications will lead VoIP's future.

Download slides of SIP Application Servers And WeSIP

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