Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kamailio Git Branch 4.2 Created

The 4.2 branch on Kamailio GIT repository  has been created. This is the official branch to be used for releasing any of the 4.2.x versions. The first one, v4.2.0, is expected to be released in one week.
The version used now in master branch is prefixed with 4.3.0, which is expected to be the next future major release. From this moment,  developers are free again to commit new features and changes to the master branch, code that will be part of the 4.3.0 major release.
Branch 4.2 is an official stable branch and will only be the target for bug fixing and documentation improvements commits. If you want to install Kamailio from branch 4.2, follow the guidelines at:
Report any issue to .
Your feedback is very appreciated and you will help getting Kamailio v4.2.0 as stable as possible at the time of release.

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