Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fosdem 2014

Continuing our tradition for many years now of meeting at the Fosdem Conference, a consistent group of people related to Kamailio project will be in Brussels over the weekend of February 1-2, 2014.
If you want to join us, send an email to – among the people to meet:
  • Henning Westerholt
  • Alexandr Dubovikov
  • Dan Bogos
  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla
  • Torrey Searle
  • Victor Seva
  • Stefan Sayer
On Saturday evening we are going out for some drinks and light dinner with the friends at Jitsi project. You are welcome to join as well!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kamailio Advanced Training, Feb 10-12, 2014, in Miami, USA

Next US and North America edition of Kamailio Advanced Training will take place in Miami, FL, USA, during February 10-12, 2014.
The content will be based on latest stable series of Kamailio 4.1.x, released in December 2013. This version brought a large set of new features, among them support for WebSocket that allows WebRTC calls using SIP and a dozen of IMS extensions.
The class is organized by Asipto  and will be taught by Daniel-Constantin Mierla, co-founder and core developer of Kamailio SIP Server project.
Read more details about the class and registration process at:
Kamailio had a continuos growth over the past years, with many new developers joining the project and contributiong a remarkable set of new features. By mid of April 2013 took place in Berlin, Germany the first dedicated conference for Kamailio project – Kamailio World Conference – event gathering people using the application from around the world. The second edition is scheduled for April 2-4, 2014.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kamailio World 2014 – First Group of Speakers

The details of the first group of accepted speakers at Kamailio World Conference & Exhibition have been published at:
We are glad to have a consistent number of new speakers, with very interesting topics, blended with well known individuals in the real time communications space and presentations about widely deployed use cases.
A selection of the titles from the list of submitted proposals is also available at:
Note that not all proposals were fully reviewed, so if you submitted one and your name is not there it doesn’t mean it has been rejected. On the other hand, if you are planning to submit one, do it immediately, we expect to exceed the number of available speaking slots and end the selection very soon, there were very good proposals sent to us so far.
If you plan to attend, be sure you secure your seat at early registration price – go to registration form at:
Looking forward to meeting all of you in Berlin!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kamailio World 2014 – Registration is Open

Registration for attending Kamailio World Conference is now open. You have the option to pay via bank transfer or using PayPal and credit cards. Proceed with the registration or read more details in the page:
This year the event includes a half a day of pre-conference technical tutorials workshop on April 2, 2014 – some details are presented in the overview of the schedule:
The participants have the option to choose between conference only or the conference and technical tutorials.
By this time we are able to confirm as speakers several well known names in the real time communications industry and Kamailio project. Among them, the founders of Kamailio project: Daniel-Constantin Mierla and Elena-Ramona Modroiu, members of project’s management board: Andreas Granig, Carsten Bock and Henning Westerholt, core developer and author of websockets support: Peter Dunkley, the well known in both Asterisk and Kamailio projects: Olle E. Johansson,  the producer of VoIP Users Conference: Randy Resnick, the founder and leader of CGRates project: Dan Bogos or the founder and leader of Jitsi project: Emil Ivov.
New speakers will be selected and presented soon. Keep an eye on conference website for news about the event!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kamailio v4.1.1 Released

Kamailio SIP Server v4.1.1 stable is out – a minor release including fixes in code and documentation since v4.1.0 – configuration file and database compatibility is preserved.
Kamailio (former OpenSER) v4.1.1 is based on the latest version of GIT branch 4.1, therefore those running previous 4.1.x versions are advised to upgrade. There is no change that has to be done to configuration file or database structure comparing with older v4.1.x.
Resources for Kamailio version 4.1.1
Source tarballs are available at:
Detailed changelog:
Download via GIT:
 # git clone git:// kamailio
 # cd kamailio
 # git checkout -b 4.1 origin/4.1
Binaries and packages will be uploaded at:
Modules’ documentation:
What is new in 4.1.x release series is summarized in the announcement of v4.1.0:
As a side information, those interested in presenting at Kamailio World Conference be aware thatcall for speakers is open.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Kamailio World 2014 – Call for Speakers

Call for speakers at the second edition of Kamailio World Conference is now open. If you are interested to present during the event, please submit your proposal via our web form in the page:
At the previous edition, the number of proposals exceeded the available slots, therefore we advise you to submit yours at soon as possible to maximize the chance to be selected. Good topics will be accepted earlier and once we fill the slots, the call for speakers will be closed.
We are looking forward to receiving your proposals and meeting you in Berlin at the beginning of April 2014!