Sunday, April 29, 2007

OpenSER 1.3.0 campaign started

As Kamailio (OpenSER) community got used, after about one month since a major release, the campaign for the next major release begins. For the roadmap, an initial IRC meeting happened on the 20th April (see summary and roadmap draft).

However, meanwhile quite a lot of brand new code was pushed on public SVN. SIMPLE-XMPP Presence gateway came to light via pua_xmpp module, to complete the IM gateway. Another interesting addition in Presence side is the Shared Line Appearance (SLA/BLA), very useful when trying to accomplish a signaling PBX (pua_bla).

Furthermore, perlvdb (perl virtual database) module allows any kind of data source mapped over DB API, opening new possibilities, like LDAP authorization and authentication. The list ends now with cfgutils, a new module to gather interesting utilities for configuration file (e.g., random value, sleep).

Besides that, tracker has several other modules submitted by third party contributors, waiting the review before the admission to SVN: auth_identity - SIP identity authentication; auth_avp - AVP-based authentication; auth_ldap - LDAP-based authentication; benchmark - small module to perform benchmarking from configuration file