Thursday, August 16, 2007

OpenSER v1.2.2 Released

This is a minor release in the branch of 1.2 release series, containing only fixes to bugs found since the previous release 1.2.1.

See all changes at:

The configuration script used with any 1.2.x version is compatible. There was a change in the structure of table "active_watchers" for handling local and remote CSeq numbers -- you have to recreate this table if you are using presence module (instructions are provided here:

Source tarball can be downloaded from:

Or from sourceforge download page:

Download page providing several options is available at:

The documentation for modules is posted at:

Main documentation page is available at:

If someone wants to contribute with packages for different distros, please send the link from where can be downloaded to

We would like to thank to all developers and contributors for their work with coding and testing for this new release.

Monday, August 6, 2007

SCTP and Config Benchmarking

Two of the newest additions in OpenSER development version got the attention in the last time.

First is about SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol), a contribution of Connecticut College, completes the list with transport protocols supported by OpenSER. SCTP is mainly used for trunking, hopefully will gain more space in end-user side as well.

Second is about benchmarking your configuration file. The new module benchmark brings the necessary tools so you can wrap a piece of configuration file and get the execution time. Elements that can have decisional impact in scalability and tunning.