Friday, August 26, 2011

SEMS v1.4.2 Released

The SIP Express Media Server (SEMS) version 1.4.2 is available. Users of SEMS 1.4 versions and anyone else is recommended to upgrade to that version. Please find below the relevant changelog, the source tarball is available at:

Debian/Ubuntu packages:

Changelog for SEMS 1.4.2 release:
* auth’ed BYE (wait_for_bye_transaction)
* fixes SIP auth for qop header format
* xmlrpc: fix busyloop with keep-alive
* a few minor SST issues
* builds on Ubuntu 11.4 (build-deps)
* ivr: release GIL on blocking file I/O
* SBC: fix codec filter for unnamed payloads<96
* fixed DSM variables to outgoing call
* some examples and documentation added

This release introduces a new configuration option wait_for_bye_transaction=yes which enables authentication of BYE requests sent by SEMS, which is disabled by default. If this option is not enabled, SEMS behaves like in 1.4.1.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Freezing development for Kamailio v3.2.0

Based on the last development IRC meeting, the next major release Kamailio v.3.2.0 should happen sometime by end of September, therefore the code should be frozen and go into testing phase about one month before.

The date proposed for freezing is Monday, August 22. By then, every developer has to push to master branch what he/she wants to have in 3.2.0.

The very good side of 3.2.0 is that we didn’t need to touch much the core and main modules, meaning we have a solid tested foundation, further testing should be focused on the new modules and the other enhancements.

What is new in devel version at this time (to be part of v3.2.0) is summarized at:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kamailio at Cluecon 2011

ClueCon is an annual 3-Day Telephony User and Developer Conference bringing together the entire spectrum of Telephony from TDM circuits to VoIP and everything in between. The location is Chicago, USA, between August 9-11, 2011.

Kamailio project will be touched in at least three presentations:

  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Asipto, co-founder of Kamailio – presenting latest news about development of Kamailio project and how to use it to enable strong security for large VoIP systems
  • Stefan Wintermeyer, Amooma – presenting Gemeinschaft 4, an IP PBX system built with Kamailio and FreeSWITCH
  • Alexandr Dubovikov – presenting Homer project, a Kamailio-based SIP capturing system for massive signaling traffic

If you are around Chicago and want to meet, drop a message on our mailing lists.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kamailio and SER Usage Statistics

In order to present at 10 years SER conference in Berlin, I (Daniel-Constantin Mierla) am looking to get some statistics about usage of SER-based applications (e.g., SER, OpenSER, Kamailio, OpenIMSCore, …). Everything is going to be like a combined report, not individual listing. Therefore, if you want to participate, your name or company won’t be mentioned.

Here are some stats I thought of:

  • type of usage: production, evaluation (testing), research
  • number of subscribers (phone lines)
  • percentage of phones behind NAT
  • number of calls per month
  • number of call minutes per month

I am not looking for exact numbers, but rough estimation (e.g., about 10 000 phone lines, …). Of course, some of the metrics don’t apply always (e.g., if you do termination routed through SIP server, you don’t have subscribers, but just calls traffic). Those doing deployments, can make one summary of statistics for all instances. You may send other statistics you think they worth publishing.

Again, this is voluntary, naming is not required. I hope only those giving real number will write back — I will try anyhow to figure out if someone is just dumping fantasy numbers. If privacy is really a big concern, from case to case, everything can be done under NDA.

Send the statistics or contact me for further details per email at: <daniel [at]>. Many thanks in advance to those that are going to participate in this survey!

Monday, August 1, 2011

10 years SER Conference – Sep 2, 2011, Berlin, Germany

We are organizing an open conference to celebrate 10 years since the first line of code in SER and Kamailio SIP servers. The event is hosted by FhG Fokus Research Institute in Berlin, Germany, the place where SER project was started. The web page for the event with details about location and program is available at:

There is no participation fee for the conference day, registration can be done via web form. At this moment there are about 20 special guests and 14 speakers, with participants from 15 countries.

If you use SER-based applications (like ser, openser, kamailio, openimscore, …) and want to present about it or you want to sponsor the event in exchange of advertising through project channels, contact us via event registration form.