Thursday, April 30, 2009

SIP Router Development Project Suggestions

There is a new page in the wiki with suggestions for some interesting sip-router related development projects. The list can be found here.

These are mostly Jan Janak’s personal suggestions, things that he considers nice-to-have
or interesting (and which he kept on his todo lists for far too long). Anyone is encouraged to add new proposal or comment existing ones. As of now, most of them would make nice projects for students.

If you are a student, or if you supervise students, or if you are interested in working on some of the topics then, please write to We’d be happy to help you get started and provide some initial implementation guidance.

Selection from the list:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kamailio v1.5.1 Released

Kamailio v1.5.1 is out - a minor release of the branch 1.5, including fixes since v1.5.0 - configuration file and database compatibility is preserved...

A new release in 1.5 series is out. Kamailio 1.5.1 is based on the latest version of branch 1.5, including many fixes in code and documentation, therefore those running 1.5.0 are advised to upgrade.

Source tarballs are available at:

Detailed changelog:

Download via SVN:

svn co kamailio

Tag for this release can be browsed at:

Project site at (still using old name):

Binaries and packages will be uploaded at:

Modules' documentation:

What is new in 1.5.x release series is summarized in the announcement of v1.5.0:

Note: Kamailio is the new name of OpenSER project. First version under Kamailio name was 1.4.0. Older versions will continue to use OpenSER name.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Amoocon 2009

Kamailio (OpenSER) and SIP-Router presence at Amoocon 2009

Amoocon (former AsteriskTag) 2009 will take place in Rostock, Germany, May 04-05, 2009.

Kamailio (OpenSER) and projects will be largely presented at the event by talks and case studies of:

If you are around Berlin the days before the event or in Rostock during the event and want to meet, send an email to: miconda [at] gmail (dot) com

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spanish Mailing List For SIP-Router

Spanish community mailing list of Kamailio (OpenSER) Project got unified with new SIP-Router Project mailing list

Mailing list has been renamed to , serving now the community of SIP Router project and Spanish users of stable versions of:

For a period of time there will be available both mailing lists addresses, but we strongly encourage you to update your email agenda with the new mailing list address.

The archive is preserved, you can check it and register to the mailing list at:

Friday, April 17, 2009

AmooCon 2009

Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Asipto, will present “SIP Server Routing Platform” at AmooCon 2009, May 4-5, Rostock, Germany. The talk will focus on Project (Kamailio (OpenSER) and SIP Express Router (SER)), benefits and tools to build new services using the configuration file.

Details at:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kamailio (OpenSER) Modules Integration to

Kamailio (OpenSER) modules have been imported in Project. They are located in directory "modules_k". Apart of three modules, all the rest compile with sip-router core.

I started the testing to make Kamailio (OpenSER) default configuration file run with Stay tunned, it should happen very soon.

You can browse the GIT source code repository at:;a=tree